Project Description

D&B (DB Architecture) has accumulated significant experience over the past two decades in its chosen territories and continues to build upon that legacy for the future. The D&B approach to architecture believes in developing thoughtful design that takes into account the specific conditions of the project location, regional sensitivities and indigenous lifestyles. This understanding through study goes hand in hand with complete integration of all relevant design elements that includes structural, mechanical and electrical, that contribute to the final architectural solution. These essentials are sensitively designed and interwoven into the architectural building fabric to provide our clients with cost effective, energy efficient, sustainable, imaginative, beautiful and iconic buildings which will be both contemporary and timeless. To achieve these objectives, D&B (DB Architecture) employs exceptionally talented architects, interior designers, landscape architects. Best quality design and value for investment are the hallmarks of D&B’s Architectural Department which continuously aims to achieve the goals of exceptional architecture and consistent client satisfaction